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Active kids, happy hearts

See how an active lifestyle promotes joy, health, and growth in children.

  • Supports health and wellbeing
    Activity is essential for children's healthy growth and development, both physically and mentally.

  • Boosts confidence
    Self-confidence makes children more likely to try new things, take risks, and persist through challenges.

  • Make new friends
    An excellent way for children to make friends and develop social skills.

  • Try something new!
    Foster a sense of curiosity and exploration through a new club or activity!

Parents love Kinder Clubs

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Kinder Clubs took the stress out of finding the right activities for our kids. The matching process was spot on – it felt like they really understood what our children would enjoy. We've had so much fun exploring the clubs they recommended. Kinder Clubs is a true lifesaver for busy parents like us!

Imogen Hirons

Parents of two young boys

I couldn't be happier with the ease and convenience of Kinder Clubs. My son has always been interested in drama, and finding the perfect drama club for him was made so simple with this platform. Not only did I find an amazing drama activity for him, but the entire process was hassle-free. Kinder Clubs truly made it a breeze to discover the best activities for my child. I highly recommend it to all parents!

Lydia B

Mother of a 9 year old

"Three quarters of school children are not doing enough physical activity"

- Diabetes UK, 2023

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